Website Development

Productive, engaging and reliable web solutions for business outcomes you deserve.

Mobile Phone Application and Software

Aesthetic, highly responsive and engaging mobile phone sollutions personalized for your business.

Web Programming

Supporting you with quality, fast and economically optimized coding services in a vast spectrum of coding platforms

Who we are & what we want




We are technology experts, developers, and marketing specialists. We know what works in today’s world and we are capable of taking you where you deserve to be in the online world.

Our Creativity, combined with powerful strategy enables us to help our clients go to the next level from every field and with any business background. We have been involved in various web design and development and mobile solution projects worldwide. Our clients range from university professors to well-established businesses.


Services we offer

W e offer amazing ways to connect you to your network of clients, customers, group members, colleagues and members of your community.

Through making a personal website you can go to the next level in your personal interest or freelance job. You may be the owner of a local business. We help you become more visible among customers and grow your network beyond your expectations. Bringing speed and ease to the interactions, shopping, providing services and many other advantages are what we offer through the design and development of mobile applications.

Web Design: 100%
Web Development: 90%
Mobilephone Application Design: 80%
Mobilephone Application Development: 100%
Web Design: 100%
Web Development: 90%
Mobilephone Aplication Design: 80%
Mobilephone Aplication Development: 100%
Y ou have a team of experts focused on your project and eager to bring the best to your business. Our approach is to implement and test the rough plan as soon as it is shaped out of your primary ideas and amended by our suggestions. Thereafter, we modify the work and get your feedback several times until we reach to what serves your purpose and satisfy your taste.

The 3 ways to manage a successful collaboration is communication, communication and …communication.

We are experts at providing you with simplified and clear information on every stage of the project and absorbing your feedback.

Parallax Ventures is all ears to you when you share your ideas and requirements. At the same time, we are always on the edge of our chairs to give suggestions for an even better product.

W e are here to consult you for free on the idea you have in mind over e-meetings, Skype calls, and FaceTime, if that’s what you like. We are based in Europe. So most probably your time zone is close to ours. We are available whenever you want, even out of the working hours.

Unlike giants of this business, we are small in size, but smart and ambitious. You can support a small business of young experts who provide you patiently and happily with all you need, and this way help small independent businesses shine. Together we can show that money does not always talk.

We are fast and precise. You will save a great deal of time and money working with us. We do not promise you what we cannot afford, but if we do, we are best at meeting deadlines and sticking to the plans and schedules.  Try having a small project with us and you will keep working with us for a long time.

Web Design: 100%
Web Development: 90%
Mobilephone Application Design: 80%
Mobilephone Application Development: 100%

Where we work

London, first home of ours

L ondon is the base of many technology corporations. We have also chosen this huge metropolis as the home to our business since we are all either born or grown up (or both) in this country. In fact, this city is not our second home, but it is the first one.

Pakistani Programmers

There are a number of programmers cooperating with us from abroad. They are based in Pakistan and they decrease our expenses by half since Pakistan is a much cheaper country. We know the value of their services and observe their rights and international moral payment codes.

Traveling as required

A lthough we are based in London, we travel around the world as required. For us, customer satisfaction is the top target. So we try to achieve this by any means possible. If we do not seem to figure out things with the client, we may feel the urge to give the services in person.