Event Organization Application

Event Organization Application

Event planning mobile apps are aimed at becoming smart assistants that help never miss an important conference, meeting, or seminar. We have already been used to entrusting our schedule following to applications on our mobile devices.

In the event organizing industry, mobile applications have a significant impact on how the market participants organize their business and attract clients. Apps provide users with more flexible ways to get the information and the newest updates about upcoming events. An app itself cannot make an event more useful and informative. However, it enhances the user experience by providing attendees with a comfortable way to choose an event, learn detailed information about it, register, and help them recollect about their intention in advance.


Mapping is an obligatory feature to implement if you strive to make a mobile event app that will get the highest ranking among users. It will allow smartphone owners to easily understand how to find a venue where their event will be held. This feature is a real problem solver when a user comes from another city to attend an event. It is hardly possible to imagine a corresponding application without implemented geolocation.


This feature is what an event planning app is created for. It is a basic function that makes a mobile solution a virtual assistant. Scheduling includes setting necessary data when an upcoming event will be held by choosing it in the calendar and selecting the exact time. Scheduling also includes an advanced system of notifications to make sure a user will always attend a marked event. Therefore, such an application must have a built-in calendar with configurable alerts. Some apps for event planning can integrate with Google Calendar and let smartphone owner plan their timetable without leaving the application.

Automatic Updates;

Your app has to be able to provide users with actual information. If an application contains descriptions of the events that have already passed, it can confuse users and provide them with a negative experience while using your application. It must have regular automatic updates.

Social Sharing.

Linking with social networks will allow users to share information about the event they are going to attend. It increases the quality of user experience and helps you promote your events. Social sharing provides you with a cheap, effective, and self-sufficient promotion tool. Furthermore, it will increase user engagement and let your app receive more positive feedbacks.

Additional content

A potentially successful event planning app also has to provide additional useful information, such as biographies of speakers and instructions how attendees can get a copy of a presentation. Printed promo materials and agendas are in the past. Include all this information in your app and users will be thankful for not making them carry a lot of papers and packages during an event.

Providing Feedback

We have already considered the importance of implementing sharing functions in event app development. Though, your app has to contain another «social» feature that is important for users. Many events are held on a regular basis i.e. annually or even monthly. Those, who are going to visit a specific event for the first time, want to know what other people, who have already attended to it, think about this conference or seminar. A comprehensive evaluation system will make your app more useful for attendees and, as a result, more successful.

Driving Engagement

What is the key to driving more engagement? Communication and personalization. These two components make existing users share their experience by providing them with useful content they can easily tell anyone about or even recommend. That is why we have considered an option to implement an effective recommender system in this application to offer more personalized content. This feature will increase expenses on app development, but whatever the cost to build an event app is, such features will allow you to get more thankful users.

High Interactivity

The importance of communication in event planning apps has been already mentioned. Furthermore, this component deserves a particular paragraph to not be missed. Think about implementing a feature that would allow users to communicate or even ask speakers and experts regarding their speech and expertise without even leaving the application. Most events are time-limited and there are few chances that all attendees will be able to ask all their questions. It will be great if they have a possibility to do it in your app without disturbing speakers personally. We have managed to implement high interactivity in this application, and we know how important it is for your app.

January 9, 2019