Food Delivery Website and Application

Food Delivery Website and Application

Complete Technology Suit for Food Delivery Business

This System will automate order management, delivery dispatch, real-time delivery tracking, and marketing campaigns to scale your business.

Through these set of panels, users can generate an account to order based on their previous orders. It enables customers to search and find restaurants based on favorite location and type of food. The users are free to choose whether to pay by card or cash.

General Application Features

  • List of restaurants

-Viewing a list of restaurants based on various filters such as working hours and type of restaurant

-Viewing a list of more popular restaurants in the form of a slider

  • Searching for restaurants

-Search based on the name, type or location of the restaurant

  • Rating system

-Enabling users to rate restaurants after their shopping

  • Viewing restaurant location on the map
  • chat online
  • FAQ
  • Articles
  • Vacancies
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Newsletter
Restaurant Application Features

  • Signing up a restaurant
  • Financial management

-Viewing daily and monthly sales

-Exporting orders to a spreadsheet

-Viewing, editing and omitting products

  • Profile

-Editing account information

Customer Application Features
  • Signing up as a new customer
  • Requesting an order

-Paying online, by cash or wallet

-Sending order confirmation SMS or email to customers (if connected to the SMS service by the owner)

  • Order management

-Viewing orders

-Rating the quality of service

  • Profile settings

-Editing profile information including name, address, date of birth etc.

Features of Website Manager Version
  • Restaurant management

-Adding a new restaurant

-Adding a photo gallery for each restaurant

-Adding groups to each restaurant

-Adding an unlimited number of foods to the menu of each restaurant

-Making a weekly menu for each restaurant

-Categorizing the restaurants

-Viewing open hours of the restaurant

-Tagging each restaurant separately

-Adding the logo of the restaurant

-Adding city name of the restaurant location

  • Order management

-Viewing food orders

-Quick search based on order tracking code and payment code

-Advanced search based on the name and registration number of the customer, coupon code, the name of the restaurant, order status, payment method, order date etc.

-Editing receipts

-Exporting orders into a spreadsheet

-Printing order receipts

  • Coupons and discounts management

-Unlimited adding, editing and deleting coupon codes

-Automatically generating coupon codes

-Determining type and amount of discount (by percentage or by amount)

-Determining the type of coupon (public or personalized)

-Determining the expiry date of a coupon

-Allocation coupons to a specific restaurant

-Allocating coupon to system members

  • Financial management

-Viewing total amount of sales

-Issuing and editing receipts

-Allocating an amount for the delivery

  • Managing filters

-Selecting filters for displaying restaurants

  • Managing users

-Assigning an admin

-Determining the role of users