Taxi Application

Taxi Application

If you are a cab agency, order this and shift into the online business world!

This mobile phone application gives the opportunity to the clients to request a taxi online. It enables the passenger to receive the specifications of the taxi and driver in addition to its exact location. Experiencing an easy, fast and cheap ride is now possible through such apps.


Here are the mechanical and aesthetical features of the whole package:

  • Updating server information every few seconds, to improvise the system operation
  • Viewing a quick visual user manual while launching the app for the first time
  • Simple and dynamic interface
  • Quick and safe connection to the server
System Administrator Version

This part of the application helps the manager to manage all the processes of clients and drivers. The following are the six parts of this version which are available on Android and iOS devices.

  • General facilities
  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Online Monitoring of scheduled requests
  • Site settings
  • Setting the price calculation formula
  • Setting the price fluctuation in different situations (such as normal time and rush hour)
  • Setting the normal time and rush hour
  • Managing drivers
  • Adding, editing and omitting drivers
  • Rating users according to the number of trips and passenger satisfaction
  • Messaging drivers
  • Allocating a specified percentage to each driver
  • Managing passengers
  • Adding, editing and omitting passengers
  • Messaging passengers
  • Managing coupon and promotional codes
  • Inserting coupon codes
  • Allocating expiry date to the coupon codes
  • Inserting promotional codes for special user groups
  • Allocating coupons to passengers with a defined number of trips or a defined payment amount
  • Managing financial reports
  • Viewing and searching for the whole trip history
  • Viewing trip history based on the driver and time range
  • Extracting reports in spreadsheet format
  • Viewing trip history based on passenger and time range
Client Version

This part of the application helps users to order taxi both through their Android and iOS devices. The Characteristics of this part are:

  • Making and Managing user profile
  • Choosing the vehicle (car, motorbike, van etc.)
  • Advanced locating of the vehicle and showing nearby vehicles on the map
  • Enabling the user to find starting point and destination both by typing and manually on the map
  • Smart distance calculation
  • Price calculation according to normal traffic and rush hour
  • Choosing payment method (Cash or online)
  • Enabling the user to check the specifications of driver and vehicle such as driver photo and vehicle plate number
  • Locating the vehicle on the map and calling the driver
  • Viewing trip history and all receipts along with the ability to share trips
  • Enabling user to rate the driver after the trip
  • Enabling user to save favorite places on the map
  • Showing messages sent by the application
  • Enabling user to use coupon and promotional codes and sharing them
  • Calculating trip duration
  • Enabling the user to cancel the trip
  • Viewing and recharging the credit
  • Support and contact us
Driver version

This part of the application is specially designed for drivers, to manage order process and transactions, both on Android and iOS devices. Main characteristics of this part are:

  • Enabling the driver to activate and deactivate the app manually
  • Enabling the driver to activate the system automatically
  • Viewing trip requests
  • Enabling the driver to accept or reject requests
  • Viewing trip history and showing a report
  • Viewing financial information
  • Enabling the driver to edit profile
  • Viewing rates
  • Viewing manager’s messages
  • Improving user level according to rates
November 9, 2013