Booking and Reservation Application

Booking and Reservation Application

We have developed this application to allow teams to collaborate on various repetitive tasks and easily determine whose turn it is to do something. The product has been applied by a vast range of project managers and business owners, to handle mundane activities which involve repetitive tasks.

Here are the main parts and features for an exemplary medical clinic, to make appointments:

System Administrator Version
  • Managing clients

Adding new clients

Categorizing clients

Sending notifications to clients

  • Managing appointments

Viewing list of appointments

Editing each appointment

Providing a report of appointments

  • Managing services

Adding new medical services

Modifying cost of services

  • Managing coupon codes

Adding coupon codes

  • Managing doctors

Adding and editing doctors

Viewing and editing doctors’ profile

Sending notifications to doctors

  • Financial management

Viewing list of appointments

Viewing approved appointments

Viewing Cancelled appointments

Viewing income of each doctor

Settlement of accounts

Doctors' Version
  • Login page

Logging in by username and password

  • List of requests

List of Approved requests

List of requests waiting to be approved

Notifying the delivery of approved requests

Approval of pending requests

Searching in requests

Navigation menu below the main page

  • Working schedule page

Appointing number of working hours in a week and number of appointments in an hour

Viewing working schedule

  • Doctors’ profile

Name of doctor

Photo of doctor

area location

Doctors’ CV

Contact information

Adding CV file

Adding photo to the profile

  • Account settlement page

Viewing list of appointments

Adding appointment title

Adding way of payment

Viewing total cost

Viewing cost after discount

Viewing the amount received by doctor

Viewing date of appointment

Total income from all appointments and viewing total system account settlement

  • Daily schedule page

Viewing working hours and appointments in detail

Modifying the initially determined appointment capacity for each hour

  • Notification page

Archive of all in-app notifications

Clients' Version
  • Log in page

Log in by phone number

Approval by the system through sending approval code

Viewing last log in

  • Main page

Viewing slider

Categorization of main menu

Viewing subcategories

Side menu

Navigation menu below the main page

  • Subcategories page

Viewing list of doctor in each subcategory

Displaying name of doctor

Displaying photo of doctor

Displaying location

Displaying doctor’s rate

Viewing the cost of each service based on selected subcategory

Viewing “Make an appointment” button on each doctor’s profile

  • Doctors’ profile page

Displaying name of doctor

Displaying photo of doctor

Displaying location

Displaying doctors’ CV

Displaying contact information

Viewing doctor’s rate

Viewing “Make an appointment” button on each doctor’s profile

  • “Order a service” page

Viewing list of services

Viewing cost of each service with discount

Viewing an explanation for each service

Adding one or more services to shopping cart

“Choose appointment time” button

  • “Choose appointment time” page

Viewing days on calendar

Selecting appointment hour

Viewing selected appointment time and total costs

  • Final approval page

Viewing selected items (final receipt)

Viewing total cost

viewing user’s credit

  • Notification page

Archive of all in-app notifications

November 12, 2013