Website and Application for Tour Guides

Website and Application for Tour Guides

We have established a website, also available for Android and iOS, that enables a tour agency, an individual tour guide or other tourist service providers such as restaurant and hotel owners to organize and share information on their tours, collect customers and sell their services.

The amazing application has a user version as well, which provides users with information from a collection of tour companies and tours, information on touristic sites, restaurants and hotels etc. It is an interactive app and allows for social media sharing from within the app.

Client Version Features
  • Establishing a personal account

-Log in by phone number or email address

-Approval by the system through sending approval code

-Viewing last login

  • Viewing the Main page

-Viewing slider

-Categorization of main menu

-Viewing subcategories

-Side menu

-Navigation menu below the main page

  • Viewing the Subcategories page

-Viewing a list of tours or services in each subcategory

-Displaying the information on the tour including the pricing

-Displaying photos related to the tours

-Displaying the location of the tour

-Displaying the tour’s rate

  • “Order a service” page 

-Viewing cost of each service with discount

-Searching for a tour company

-Searching for a tour by the starting and destination cities

-Finding information on historical and cultural touristic sites enhanced by photos and videos and maps


-Adding one or more services to shopping cart

– “Buy this package” button

-Buying tours through various types of online payment


  • “Choose timing” page

-Viewing days on calendar

-Selecting days

-Viewing the selected tour time and total costs

  • Final approval page

-Viewing selected items (final receipt)

-Viewing total cost

-Viewing user’s credit

  • Notification page

-Archive of all in-app notifications

  • Rating tours
  • Commenting on tours and services
Tour Company Version Features
  • Logging in by username and password
  • Adding new tours
  • Adding subcategories for the tours or services
  • Updating information on various tour plans, dates, location on the map, photos, videos etc.
  • Activating deals and discount coupons on tours
  • Connecting the account to a card
  • Categorizing customers
  • Sending notifications to customers
  • Modifying the cost of tours
  • Supporting additional languages on tour descriptions
  • Viewing clients’ ratings for each tour