Website and Mobile App for Digital Products Market

Website and Mobile App for Digital Products Market

Like Shopify, FetchApp, and SendOwl, this application has been developed to support e-commerce, social e-commerce, as well as straightforward shopping options with a single click to buy buttons. It offers its customers to create e-commerce stores for digital goods.

If you want to have a startup at your organization, you can choose to moderate such application, and invite the potential users from those creative artists who are into creating music files, documents, books, eBooks, tools, guides, digital items like themes and other graphics work, as well as those who want to sell services for areas like marketing, and business. Everything is managed within the platform itself, once a user finishes a purchase and the platform verifies its validity, the user will be able to download the given files instantly. Doing so, you not only help the creative people in your organization to showcase their artwork and monetize their ideas but also you will receive your part of the profit.

  • Customizable Storefront

There are a number of themes for the storefront from which you can choose one. Also, you can manage the features you want your application to have on the dashboard.


  • unlimited products

There is no restriction on the number of products you can sell in your store.


  • unlimited bandwidth and online storage

It doesn’t matter how many online visitors go through your store or how many files or photos you upload.


  • online sales channels

You can use our app to sell online using a variety of sales channels. Sales channels include an online store, Facebook, and Pinterest. Each sales channel connects to the app, so you can easily keep track of your products, orders, and customers across all platforms.


  • fraud analysis

When you use the payment system in the app, you automatically get a built-in fraud analysis feature. This feature flags orders that are potentially fraudulent and brings them to your attention. Resolving these issues quickly can help you avoid chargebacks and losses.


  • manual order creation

You can create new orders and enter payment details right from your admin page. For example, you can manually create an order that you took over the phone, then email your customer a receipt with the full order details.


  • discount codes and upsells

Offering discount codes can help build your customer base, as well as give your existing customers an incentive to shop in your store:

  • send welcome codes to new customers
  • offer exclusive discounts to your social media following and your mailing lists
  • partner with bloggers to help promote your store online.


  • overview dashboard

This dashboard highlights key analytics, including:

  • sales
  • orders
  • online store visitor data
  • professional reports
  • finance reports

You can view key financial information about your business using your finance reports. You can use the finances summary to see an overview of your sales, payments, and pending sales data. You can also view full finance reports to see more detail.


  • Built-in email marketing

This feature allows you to promote the products that you intend to sell on the app. This way you can boost your business.


January 2, 2019